Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Other Obsession. (Short Review of Baby Carriers)

Okay so you know how I am/was obsessed with finding the perfect diaper bag, well my other obsession is finding the perfect baby carrier. I have tried so many kinds, hmm lets see if I can remember them all: Moby, Baby K'tan, Snuggy baby wrap (like the Moby but had a reinforced center), Baby Bjorn Air, Ergo, and Infantino Mei Tai. I think that's all of them, I may have forgotten one or two.

Well now I am onto a new one to try, I have looked for one that has everything that I have liked from the others. I am a nervous baby wearer to say the least. So the fabric ones gave me great anxiety and were a bit overwhelming to figure out. I did like that they were soft and could be used with newborns. I  liked the Mei Tai I liked that it was able to be worn with baby facing out, since Addi is crazy about seeing everyone but I wanted to be able to easily flip her around if she was becoming over stimulated, she likes the Mei Tai but I again feel better with buckles more so than just tied fabric. I learned from the Ergo that I wanted it to be very adjustable, going up to higher weight insured some wiggle room, unlike the Bjorn which seemed to squish Aubrey even when she was younger (she was a little chunky monkey!). Aubrey hated the Bjorn, and it's a good thing since all the articles came out after saying how bad those types were. So this is what brought me to the Becco Gemini.

I love that it is very close to the Ergo, but more versatile. I have really wanted one that can be used as a hip carrier, since Addi loves to either be on my hip or facing out. So after I use it a bit, I will update you all on how I like it and if it's a keeper!

I have yet to try Addi in it, but one little girl was dying to try it out...


  1. I think you got the prettiest Beco gemini that I've seen! You'll have to let me know how Addi likes it :) Blake loves his Beco!

  2. Aww thanks, I saw the pattern and I had to have it! I guess it's a limited edition one that they only produced 200 of! I love it! Going to test it out today with Addi at the park, hope she loves it too! :)