Monday, February 13, 2012

Addi's sleeping...

Greg and I were talking yesterday about how little Addi seems to be awake. This past week she has napped for around 6 hours a day (and sleeps 12+ hours at night). Normally it's closer to 5 hours, which to me still seems like a lot.

I have had to wake her up from most of her naps, her morning naps were running over her two hours and I always try to plan something for the mornings to get us all out of the house. So I wake her up, and I am still late to wherever it is I am going. Her afternoon naps are usually three hours, and she was napping for over 4 hours. Greg came home two days last week and she was still sleeping, that is around 6:30. We let her sleep until dinner time (7:00) and then wake her to eat with us. 

It's just nuts, her bedtime is 7:45 and she is sleeping until 7 and then goes right back to sleep at her NORMAL bedtime. It is stressing me out, I am thinking it's a growth spurt but she isn't really eating much more. I guess if it keeps up, I might one of those crazy Mom's that call the doctor for absurd reasons. "Umm hello Doctor, my baby sleeps too much." 

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  1. I say enjoy it while you can! LOL! I always worried that Presley slept too much! Turns out, she is like her daddy and just loves to sleep!