Monday, February 20, 2012

Our songs...

So Greg and I have a new song.

A few months ago, we were in the car and this song came on. Greg turned to me and said this song reminds him of us. I listened and it was perfect! Greg isn't one to listen to the words of songs, so I was shocked.

By the next time we heard it together he had already forgotten. He is very forgetful, but I never forgot.

You might think it's weird that I think this song is ours, but I can be crazy. Crazy in lots of different ways, crazy hyper, crazy mad, crazy hormonal, crazy drunk, crazy stressed, and just plain crazy. Greg is always there no matter what, calming me down, loving me, and just being all around wonderful. He is my perfect match, not because we are alike (which we are in many ways), but because he is so calm and laid back and knows just what to say to me to make everything ok.

So really if anything this song to me represents how awesome Greg is for loving this crazy girl!

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