Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So with each pregnancy I have my staples ("cravings") that I eat NON-STOP! With Aubrey it was guacamole, chocolate ice cream, spaghetti with tomato sauce, and tomato soup. With Addi, it was mostly just spaghetti and chocolate ice cream.

This one has been the same but different, mostly because the idea of chocolate ice cream does not thrill me (haven't touched it), I want everything strawberry or fruity flavored (Mochi, yummy!). I can't get enough of soft pretzels (OMG AMAZING!). Still craving spaghetti with tomato sauce and tomato soup (I think it helps my nausea). I have been obsessed with lettuce/salad but I am thinking that might be a lack of fluids. Lastly, grapefruit and coconut donuts! YUM!

Oh and of course let's not forget with each pregnancy I live and breath for CHIPOTLE!!! :D

Forgot one, buffalo chicken, this one is a really strange one for me. I like it well enough normally, but I LOVE it now. I had been ordering it everywhere we went before I even knew I was pregnant. Greg told me it was strange that I was eating it so much, and I must be pregnant. He was joking at the time, but I guess he was right! 


  1. Oh man I'm thinking you've got a boy!! Both times for me I have really liked fruit and especially sour fruits (lemonade, grapefruits) and anything salty!

  2. Fingers crossed you are right!! I am trying to just think it is a girl so I don't get too sad if it isn't a boy.