Sunday, February 19, 2012

5 weeks... 1/22/2012 (Secret Post # 4)

This time around I am going to try to keep better track of my pregnancy. With Aubrey I was on edge so much and spent most of my pregnancy researching every little thing my crazy brain could think up. With Addi, I was just in shock/denial the whole time that I was having another baby already when I didn't feel ready. So this time around I am going to make more of an effort so I can remember things more clearly.

Well I am five weeks today, and pretty much writing this post to myself since I still will not be posting these pregnancy posts for a while. But besides that, I have little to no symptoms. I am peeing a little more, but not much. I am not sure what it is, but I just don't pee much (even pregnant). I know you all are so happy to know that.

Also, I have been really dizzy. The night before I found out I was pregnant, I took a hot bath, not as hot and I normally would of (for some strange reason), and when I got out I was so dizzy I almost fell and had to go lay down immediately. I should of known right then that I was pregnant, but I of course thought nothing of it. Then the next morning I got out of bed and was dizzy and seeing stars.  It used to happen to me all the time in my other pregnancies, I don't know if my equilibrium is thrown off, or what? When pregnant I get migraines non-stop, and this pregnancy it's no exception. They aren't as intense though as the ones I get non-pregnant, thank goodness, since I can't take medicine for them while pregnant.

So yep, that is pretty much it! Nothing to exciting to report. Morning sickness usually kicks in at 6 weeks, hoping it holds off until 6 weeks and 1 day, since next Sunday I will be on a cruise.

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