Sunday, February 19, 2012

7 weeks! (2/5/2012) (SECRET POST #7)

So I am 7 weeks today, and am so dizzy that I have problems standing for very long. I am seriously afraid I am going to fall to the ground. I woke up this morning running for the toilet, the nausea/ morning sickness has gotten much more intense. I took two anti-nausea pills today, I usually try to only take one a day, but it didn't even touch it. I have my nurses appointment tomorrow, they just do blood work and talk about stuff. I am definitely going to mention the dizziness, it has me really concerned.

I also took a three hour nap today, which is so crazy for me. I for some reason can not nap, seriously the last time I sucessfully napped may have been while I was pregnant with Aubrey. It's that bad. My mind just refuses to let me stop and slow down during the day. Drives me batty. Todays nap was good, but painful. Well the waking up part was painful. Back in the day when I napped it turned into bedtime, because I just couldn't make myself get back up. I think my body only has an on and off switch, no in between.

So yeah 7 weeks and not much fun stuff to report, not that there really is much fun stuff to report while pregnant anyways (basically just the gender ultrasound is really "fun").

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