Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What have we been up to... (pictures/ video update)

Aubrey loves helping clean!

Addi is obsessed with standing and playing! She gets so happy!

I don't know why but her face in this one makes me laugh! 
My latest pinterest project!! You write on it with a dry erase marker! Since I forget everything lately, even what I planned to make each night for dinner this is a nice easy way to keep track of everything I have to do! I can put what's for dinner or any plans or appointments we may have, or even just things that need done around the house! 
Aubrey and Addi sharing snacks! (Addi's snacks lol!)
I know it looks like she is tackling her but she is actually giving her a hug! So cute! 
Logan came back into town, Aubrey was in heaven having her friend back! They had so much fun together! (Check out the video below of their performance!!)  

She is such a wonderful big sister! Feeding Addi! 

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