Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Umm, really?? 1/18/2012 (SECRET POST #1)

I am sitting down to write this post (today is January 18th), knowing full and well I will not be posting it for at least 12 more weeks. I have a feeling I will be having a few of these types of post that I will be holding onto and posting all at once. This might be a little TMI to some, not to me though!

So yesterday after I put the girls down for a nap, I went to FINALLY use the bathroom. As I was going to, I started thinking about how it seems like it had been a while since I had my period (sorry if TMI). So I decided to take a test, like I always do when it seems like its been a while. They are always negative. So I took it, it was of course negative so I just put it to the side and left.

Later I went to start doing my 30 Day Shred, and Greg reminded me to go pee first because for some reason every time I started doing the jumping jacks and jumping rope, I have to pee so badly. So I go in and just glance at the test and... it's positive. I freak. It must just be evap lines, there is just no way. So I quickly take another test and sit there waiting patiently. Turns out the cheap amazon test take a while to show positive, took about two minutes but there it was positive. I proceeded to take a ton more tests...
and sent Greg out to get a different kind to make sure that it wasn't just the test strips malfunctioning. We then spent the next hour or so looking up what things could cause false positives, but nothing pertained to me.

Greg is still not believing it is true. I took another test this morning to compare (bottom one is the newest)...

Greg thinks that it doesn't look any darker so maybe it's a chemical pregnancy like we had before Aubrey. If it is real, then we will have 3 under 3. They will all be 16 months apart, almost exactly. We also found out about Addi when Aubrey was 7 months.

So you are probably wondering how we ended up in this situation. Well if you have read my other posts, you should know how hard it was to conceive Aubrey, about the two rounds of IVF, and all that jazz. Well we really just thought we were beyond lucky that Addi came about on her on (well not so much on HER own but you know what I mean) and that it was just a crazy miracle. My body does not handle birth control well, I was spotting ALL month long. Greg and I had been discussing and IUD but we had heard such horror stories, so we were hesitant and Greg really wanted to have a third right away.

So you are probably wondering how I am taking it. I am taking it better than I expected. When I found out about Addi, I was a little more of a mess because Aubrey had been such a tough newborn but now after having my little sweetie baby, I know that it isn't always as tough as it was with Aubrey. I am trying to stay positive. I was really thinking I was going to have to do IVF again to have another baby, so really I am relieved not to have to. We wanted a third, but if everything goes well with this pregnancy it will be our LAST.

I have only told one person, since the lines are so light it makes me nervous to even tell our family. So we are going to wait a bit. Maybe I'll think of a cute way to tell them. Do you think they make BIG sister shirts in Addi's size (0-3 months), hehehe?!

Still can't believe it.

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