Thursday, January 5, 2012

Add another...

So we went to Addison's ENT appointment yesterday. Dr. Roy asked how feeding was going and I explained her gagging issues. He had wanted us to meet with "his" speech therapist for a while now. We had gone to another when Addison had issues with the bottle. He would rather us see "his" since he knows they specialize in cleft issues. So now we get to add another appointment to our Wednesday routine. We are up to three appointments every Wednesday.

Dr. Roy then checked out her soft cleft palate. He said we would see him in May to schedule her surgery for when she is a year old. Then in the very next breath said "I like to drag my feet on this type of surgery, we could really wait until she is 15 months". Then in the VERY next breath said "There is no rush on this because really it's only going to slightly affect her eating, but really affects her speech so we could really wait until she is 18 months". So now I am so confused at when she is really going to have it done. I guess I will just assume it will be 12 months, but hope it will be 15. I really don't want her to be too old and know what is going on. 

He also said there was water in her ears, so he may be putting in tubes at the same time. She will be staying overnight to recover. I am guessing it will be another battle of getting her to eat enough so they let us go home. I am so not looking forward to spending anymore time in the hospital. 

She is such a trooper! LOVE HER! 

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