Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Love my Parents!

 I love my parents so much. I am seriously so lucky to have such loving, supportive, positive and amazing parents! I tell my parents everything, and they are always willing to listen and be there for me. It's pretty sad that when something big happens, the first thing I think is I can't wait to tell my parents. They know just what to say! I told them news today and they were so amazing and supportive, and really it means the world to me.

I know I have mentioned before how close I am to my Mom, I truly hope that my girls and I have the same relationship. My Mom and I didn't always get along (we were too much alike at times), but we have come so far to such a great place. She truly is my best friend!

My parents have helped Greg and I so much, and really so have Greg's parents. We are both pretty darn blessed to have such great families who love and care about us so much!


  1. You told them "news"? What kind of "news"? Exciting kind of news or bad kind of "news"? You're killing me with the suspense :)

  2. Ash you are too funny! I'll email you! :)