Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kayla's last fling before the ring!

I'm baaaaack!!

I'm sure you all missed me! How could you not?!

So as promised, I have some pictures for you all. We had a ton of fun on the cruise. Sometimes it was a little difficult to make decisions on what to do, but that is to be expected with nine girls in the mix.

 Wig night! 
 The Bride! Love her to pieces! 
 Senor Frogs! 
 LBD night! 
 Loved this frog!
 Even Liz felt little in this chair!
 Love these girls! 
 The whole gang!

The last picture of the cruise, right after we got done singing karaoke at the tops of our lungs!

Liz, Ashley, Jen and I would wake up earlier than the other girls and go get breakfast. It sounds simple enough, but we had so much fun chatting about everything under the sun. I actually looked forward to it each morning! We then would meet up with the other girls and try to make plans for the day. Each night we'd go to dinner and eat until our hearts content then go to karaoke, shows, and finish up by dancing the night away. I am not quite as cut out for all this fun as I used to be, but I surely did give it my all!

My favorite times were when we were all just chatting while relaxing, getting ready, hanging at the beach, and of course eating. We would have the best talks, and I really got to know some freaking awesome girls and learned even more about the amazing girls I already knew. It was so nice to just have some girl time, it's been a long time since I have had that and I valued every second!

I had so much fun, and I can't wait to have even more at the wedding! I can't believe Kayla is getting married in less than two months! I am just so happy for her and Nate, they are so perfect together!

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