Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yay! We had a big day!

Addi almost crawled.

I know, I know almost crawling isn't all that exciting to you, but to me it is! Although I am surprised it is because I really don't want Addi to crawl anytime soon. Addi has mostly been moving backwards, today though she moved her arms forward once each and scooted her legs forward together. She has been up and rocking for what feels like forever, but is more realistically 3-4 weeks. I guess what excited me so much about the almost crawling, is that to me it means she isn't behind. In fact she is ahead of Aubrey in that department. Aubrey sat early (around 5 months), but crawled late (around 8 months).

ALSO...Addi got into sitting position from crawling position.

This has been something we have been working on since last week. In therapy they showed me exercises to do with her. I am not sure they have anything to do with her doing it or if its more that she is constantly trying to crawl and sit in her crib at night and in the mornings. She never stops moving, we find her sleeping with her legs in crawling position all the time belly completely off the mattress (maybe she is crawling in her dreams?)! Back to the sitting... I am excited that she got into sitting position on her own, it may have been a fluke but I don't care, it just means she has the ability!

Needless to say... I am one happy Mama!

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