Monday, January 9, 2012

My baby girls!

So part of the reason I started this blog is so that I could look back on everything since my memory  went by the wayside when I became a Mama! So this may not be the most interesting post for you, but I will love to look back on it and see what my girls were up to!

Addi just turned 7 months, and she is a non-stop mover. She isn't super vocal, which I think might have to do with her cleft issue. Addi is still in 0-3 month clothing, we just unpacked all the 6 months stuff which is all for warmer weather, so hopefully she just stays in 3 months until after winter. She weighs 14lbs with clothes on, she is in the 5th percentile for weight and 15th for height.

Addi has been sleeping through the night for the past few weeks, which has been AMAZING! She naps 2-3 times a day, if its 3 she naps for 1 hour, then 1 hour, then three hours. If its two naps, its two 2-3 hour naps. I really am not as crazy about schedules because she is so easy going and naps whenever I put her down! We kind of play it by ear with her, but she usually sticks to her own schedule. She goes down for a nap an hour and a half after she wakes up, then if she only naps an hour she goes back down around 11:30, then she goes back down around 3. If it's only two naps she goes back down around 2.

Addi's eating has been a struggle, really she just has a problem with the spoon. She eats Mum-Mum's and yogurt melt like it's nobody's business but put baby food on a spoon and she gags and spits it right back out. She does a little better with solids, so we usually just mash up whatever veggies we are eating and give her some.

She just got moved into her official room yesterday night. She had been sleeping in Aubrey's big girl room in the pack and play until I was ready to bite the bullet and move Aubrey into her big girl bed. She took it all in stride. She is seriously the most awesome baby, I really couldn't not have hoped for a more easy going happy baby. She just amazes me daily!

Aubrey just turned 23 months! I can't even believe she is almost two. I have been trying to get everything together for her party, I have everything but food done. I am excited to see if she is more into it this year. She has finally started to like cake, so she might be more into that!

Aubrey is wearing 24 months and 2T, she is around 27.5 lbs which isn't much different from what she was at 18 months. I think she is just taller, since she seems to be thinning out a bit.

Aubrey is so full of personality. She makes me laugh all day long, I can't help but hug and kiss her! She is talking non-stop. She has actually started to piece sentences together, her favorites are "Where are you?" and "There it is!". She is constantly telling me what is going on with Addi (whom she calls "Annie"). She will say "Annie eat eat" (she always wants Addi to eat while she is), "Annie jump" (Addi has to be in her jumperoo while Aubrey is jumping in her trampoline), "Annie stinky, needs Elmo" (Addi's diapers have Elmo on them), "Annie night night" (she wants to make sure that Addi goes to bed at the same time as her), and so on... My favorite thing she's been saying is her name, she will talk about herself in the third person, she been doing it for a month or so now. "Aubee help", "Aubee more cereal", "Aubee tired", "Aubee go night night" "Aubee done"... its just too freakin cute!

So Aubrey's big move to her new bed, is going well! She is in there napping as I write this! She seems to really like it, and seems to already know it's her room. She went right to it when I told her it was night night time! I'll make sure to update you all!

I just love my babies, and am so blessed to have them! Can't wait for what lays ahead!


  1. I love reading your blog! It's so evident how much your girls brighten your life, and how awesome a mom you are. Just wanted to tell you that and say hi. I'm currently caring for my boyfriend's 3 month old, and working as a nanny for a family of four (ages: 2, 3, 9 and 11). It's amazing how much little ones change your life! :D

    -Your step-sister-in-law Michelle

  2. Thanks Michelle, so glad you enjoy reading it! I'm so happy that you are doing so well! Watching 4 kids must be tough, you must have amazing patience!!Hope to see you soon!! :)