Sunday, January 8, 2012

Date night!

Our date night was a bit of a mess.

We have been trying to get some alone time for a while now. Lately when we have had babysitters we have done group activities, which I LOVE but just aren't the same as some one on one time. We have had jammed packed weekends lately so fitting one in was proving to be harder than we expected.

So Greg planned an evening out to one of my favorite restaurants, Maggiano's. Our amazing friend's, Emily and Daniel, had gotten us a gift card for Christmas and ever since we couldn't wait to go! Greg had asked his Mom to babysit and had planned on us going early to beat the crowd, that of course did not happen. When we arrived the Town Center was crowed but we scored a killer spot, so we thought maybe we'd be in luck! We got there at 6:00 and there was TWO hour wait. If it had been pre-kids I would of just went shopping and waited, since we weren't exactly starving at 6:00 anyways.

We headed back to our amazing parking spot, which we were so reluctant to give up even though we obviously weren't eating there. We then headed to Carabba's, I jumped out to get our names in. It is so cut throat there. I swear people were running to the doors to get in front of others, and when I was in line a person tried to cut me off, again pre-kids I would of just let her but when I have my kids waiting at home for me, there is no way I am going to wait an extra 15 minutes because some rude lady cut me off. Needless to say I got our name in first!

Greg met me outside and was shaking like crazy. He had come down with a fever right before we were leaving. Again, pre-kids we would of just said we'd do it another night, but now that we have kids we just suck it up and have our date night, come hell or highwater. Greg of course wasn't hungry since he wasn't feeling well. So we just got an appetizer (Cozze in Bianco, my fav) and split a meal (Scallop, lump Crab and Shrimp Pasta, one of their specials). Everything was AMAZING!! I am not sure if it was amazing because I haven't had it in SO long, or if their quality of food has gotten even better!

We ended up having a lot of fun even though the odds were against us. I forgot how much I like it just being the two of us, we actually got to talk, eat, and just be a couple, instead of being Mama and Dada! AMAZING!

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