Tuesday, September 11, 2012

38 Weeks!

I had another appointment yesterday and I made a little progress, not too much though. I am now at 3! So that's not too bad! Greg actually said the sweetest thing to me yesterday, he told me that I looked way thinner with Greyson (non belly parts) than I did with the girls. I did actually lose a pound from last weeks appointment and my total gain is 28 lbs. I was around 34 each time with the girls. I also did swell a ton with Aubrey, see second picture...
I almost didn't post this comparison picture because boy is that embarrassing how bad I looked. I'll have to hunt down one from Addi, I don't think I was quite as swollen. 
FOUND IT!! Now that is a little better than how I looked with Aubrey, and now I am wondering where that shirt went that I had on??? It's kind of cute hahaha! 

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