Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby time!

So I figured since I have this lovely blogger app now that I'd update you all on my labor, and I think it will be neat for me to be able to look back and read all about Greyson's labor!

11:50 pm- So far I am at 4cm and the contractions are becoming more painful. Ive been having consistent contractions that were fairly painful but they weren't doing much. They broke my water to hopefully help make them more productive. So we shall see...

3:30 AM- Contractions became really painful and I was finally 5cm, so I got a epidural around 12:30AM. The Anesthesiologist was very unfriendly and had to try three times to get it right. After that was pure chaos. My blood pressure dropped to 78 over 42, I got really dizzy and my whole body felt tingly. I thought my heart was going to stop, I had a crazy out of body experience and a crazy vision of a crash cart coming in to revive me, I just laid there praying over and over. I thought for sure something was unfixably (made that word up, I think lol) wrong. Don't worry no crash cart was needed, just fluids and medicine. It took them what seemed like forever (but was probably about 45 minutes to an hour) to stabilize my blood pressure. Once stabilized I was put on oxygen, and felt much better. I swear it was the scariest thing ever. They then let me rest and came to check me just a little ago. I'm now a whopping 6.

4:00 AM- I started to feel pressure in my left lower region, so the Anesthesiologist came in and gave more medicine, which didn't really do much.

4:30 AM- I had finally gotten the oxygen taken away around 3 AM, only to get it back again (now). Greyson's heart rate goes up really high when I don't have it on. He's also been trying to kick all my monitors off, silly boy.

5:40 AM- We found out that the pain in my lower region was actually my body telling me it was time. Another one of the downsides of having an epidural (at least for me) is I never feel that urge to push. So Greyson is pretty much on his way out. The nurse is going to get the "team" assembled and then we will do a practice push to see if he will just pop out.

5:52- We did a little practice push, while the Doctor stood by watching. He said he knew it wouldn't take more than one push so he was waiting to step in. Well I pushed for 10 seconds they all yelled stop. The Doctor stepped in and we waited for the next contraction and 30 seconds later Greyson was out! Pretty much exactly how it went with Addi. I get so lucky with not having to push much, I think Aubrey paved the way. When they weighed Greyson, the Doctor commented on how lucky I was he came so early because if not he would of been at least a pound heavier (making him heavier then my little chunker Aubrey was, 8lbs 10oz.). So thank goodness for my little early bird!!

So I of course have some pictures for you all (see below). We really can't figure out who he looks like, but he is really swollen right now and bruised. The nurse said it's because he sat there waiting for so long, and then came out so quickly. So far he is an awesome latcher just like Aubrey was. It was so nice not having the cleft issues to deal with like I did when I had Addi (we didn't know the exact issue with Addi's latching problems until she was taken to the NICU, but she had the hardest time even drinking out of a bottle). He ate for 45 minutes straight and would of gone longer if the pediatrician didn't come by to check on him. I had to pry him off, I always called Aubrey a piranha because she never wanted to stop eating, and I have a feeling I have another little piranha on my hands!

9/13/2013 7lbs 13oz. 20 inches long!

My sweet little guy!
We are so excited that he has gotten here safe and sound, and so far very healthy! We are so incredibly lucky. 


  1. Yay!! SO exciting!! He is so handsome!! I was up all night last night and I kept stalking your blog and fb to see if you posted pics!! LOL!! Seriously, so happy for you :) Aubrey and Addi are going to be great big sisters!

  2. Yay! Love the blog post and updates - great idea! Can't wait to meet him! Have Aubrey and Addi gotten to meet him yet? I hope someone gets a picture of the look on their faces when they see him :)

  3. I'm so happy that your little family is now complete. Cannot wait to move back home and finally meet the whole family. Love you and miss you! x x