Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who Knew??

*WARNING! Another post about breast feeding. 

Who knew that having a child who wants to sleep at night would be so stressful?

I certainly didn't. I prayed and prayed for Aubrey to sleep through the night. I was so jealous of parents who brought their babies home from the hospital and supposedly their kids slept through the night from the get go. Does that really happen???

So yeah... I am exhausted. Greyson wouldn't eat again last night. He is doing fine during the day, and he does fine for his last feeding before bed and his first feed in the morning. During the night though, we just can't get him to eat. It's turning us into looney people. We are now reacting to every little noise he makes in hopes that he is waking up to eat. I don't think we'd be as crazy about it if he didn't have this wet cough and congestion, but we know the only way for him to get better right now is to get breast milk.

Last night was so painful for me, I had to get up and pump because I just couldn't take him not eating. I tried to just relieve it so that I don't start overproducing even more than I already am. So I just pump until I don't feel engorged anymore. I pumped 4oz in less than 3 minutes from just one side. It was so intensely coming out that it was loudly falling into the container.

He really needs to start eating at night again. I really can't take it. I need sleep, and I need for my boobs not to explode.


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  1. aww!! I would say that I'm still kinda jealous (he sleeps more than both of my kids and he's not even a month old!!) but I definitely can see how it would be super stressful!! :( hoping his congestion goes away soon so you can relax a little easier and get some sleep!!