Thursday, September 20, 2012

House Update!

The walk through went great. The foreman said the drywall should be up in a week or so!! I can't wait to see actual walls. I took some pictures today, but really there wasn't huge noticeable changes on the inside. Windows, electrical, the two bathtubs/shower units (the other guest bath is just a standing tiled shower, and the master is a separate tiled shower and tub, so those go in later), some canned lighting, and a finished roof, are all that's changed. I'll post the pics anyways!

Roof is done!

Loving that we chose to go with larger windows!!!

Doors are in!!
Recessed lighting!
Sliders are in!
Playroom (forgot to take pictures last time)
Playroom Bathroom. The one with the standing shower.
Master Bathroom, really only could get the a picture of the shower and bath area (forgot pics of this last time too).
Kids Bathroom!

 So that is about it! Hopefully next time you see pictures, it will be of actual walls!! :)

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