Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A week ago...

A week ago almost to this very minute, I was heading to the hospital after a lot of convincing from my Mom. Addi came so quickly after my contractions started, and being an hour away from the hospital made us all very nervous. My contractions were steady and a bit painful, nothing like they would soon become. I was so afraid of being sent home that I didn't want to go in. This is my third baby, how stupid would I look if I didn't know the difference between false labor and real labor?? Luckily for me it was real! I continuously explained to every nurse that we met that I would never EVER have come in this early if it hadn't been for being so far away and for how quickly Addi arrived.

So now a week later, we are home with our newest addition and loving it. I feel so complete. I can't even explain it. With each of the girls I didn't feel like we were done. Now I just feel overwhelmed by the feeling that we are a family and this is it from here on out, all 5 of us in it together!

So...Umm.. can I just say... Greyson is awesome. He has very short burst of awake periods, and he just lays there taking everything in. He is feeding every 3-4 hours, and eats like a pro. He truly is a sweetheart. Very content and just so adorable. I can't help but kiss his chunky cheeks ALL THE TIME! We went to Target today and I wore him and he loved it. He just snuggled against me sleeping so peacefully. Both girls threw a fit whenever I tried to wear them. Addi finally resigned to it once I got the Gemini Beco and she could face out. She HATES facing me. Oops kind of got off topic there, back to Greyson. He did wonderfully, I hope it continues because it will make my life way easier because chasing Addi around without being able to wear him would be near impossible. So yep, so far I am loving life with three babies. I am sure that will change depending on the day hahaha!

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  1. We had such a great time with you guys last weekend, so glad we got to meet Greyson and spend time with you and the kids!