Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Few Reason's Why I Love Greg So Much.

There are many reasons why I love Greg, but lately I have been reminded of some of them even more. He is one of the most hands on Father's I know. He changed EVERY single diaper while we were in the hospital and does EVERY single night time diaper change too. Who does that?? He knows that he can't do feedings so he steps up in other ways to help me out. Last night when I woke him for Greyson's night time change, he got up with out even a huff or a puff and changed it like a pro. In that moment I thought to myself just how freakin' lucky I am. It truly is the little things that mean so much.

Greg will do anything for us and our children, he busts his butt at work to get promotions or raises so that he can provide more for our family and he pitches in at home to help whenever he can with little to no complaints. I know I don't tell him nearly enough how wonderful he is. I really wish I could be half as selfless as he is. I am truly in awe of how he just takes everything in stride and just does what needs to be done. We are so lucky to have him!


He is always having a blast with the girls!

He loves his Gator babies!
I know we are now out numbered but at least we are in it together, and with Greg's help I know we will be fine!

The girls just adore their Dada!
Saving a turtle! Such a sweetie!

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