Sunday, September 9, 2012

All I do is updates...

I feel like lately all my posts are updates, but I feel like my life is in limbo. I am just waiting for things to happen, it's quite sad actually. Waiting for Greyson to arrive, waiting to not be pregnant, waiting for our house to be finished, waiting to move. I swear I do stuff that isn't just sitting around being pregnant and driving incessantly by the house taking pictures. This weekend was actually a fantastic weekend, and while I have "updates" on both the house and pregnancy (have a picture for you all, yay!) I decided to talk about my weekend first, actually talk, not just pictures this time (don't worry there are still some pictures, of course.)

Saturday was a lot of fun, my parents got back from their cruise and we celebrated my Mom's Birthday. My Brother's and Sister in Law came down, and we all cooked or brought a dish. It was really fun to see all my brother's cooking. I know that sounds weird but it was just nice to see how grown up they all are, especially my youngest brother, Greg. I always think of him as a little kid, and for some reason seeing him prepare his fancy (and yummy) asparagus dish made me realize how far we have all come. Strange how something so simple does that. When we sat down to eat, it all came together so perfectly, the food all complimented each other so well and was beyond delicious. I just love being around my family, they are all so much fun and we always laugh a ton. Not to mention the girls just adore them. Aubrey made each and everyone of them give her kisses before she took her nap. It was so precious. One of them would go in to give her kisses and once they were done she'd ask for the next. It was just one of those days that just really makes me appreciate how lucky I am.

Today we went to a football party, we of course stopped to see the progress on our house on the way up (just couldn't help ourselves, per the usual.) Anyways... we had a blast. Since Emily and Daniel left we have really missed our get togethers and I was really worried that we wouldn't meet people that both Greg and I really got along with and were able to do bbq's, football, game nights, outings, etc... with, but we have met a great group of people. Well we kind of already knew them but have just gotten to know them better. There was lots of talking and eating (my favorite things to do, as you probably all know by now), just an all around good time!

So yep, that was our weekend. It was a lot of fun and a bit exhausting (but then again I am 9 months pregnant so pretty much everything is exhausting hahaha!).

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