Friday, September 21, 2012

What have we been up to?

Kayla came to meet Greyson!
Dada getting some snuggles!

Silly Dada!
Aubrey flying!

Both girls flying lol!
Family Walk!
Our speedy little bike rider. I had to run ahead to get a pic!
They both loved the new stroller! (Look out for stroller reviews coming your way. I figure with how many strollers I have had I should at least share my thoughts on them all!)


  1. what did you do with the one that you had when I met you? The stroller I mean. ;) Are you selling it? The black one where the seats could change position. Looks like you're adjusting well...I keep telling Sean we need 4 so we can truly have 3 to juggle. LOL

  2. We sold it actually. Aubrey is obsessed with riding in strollers, I can't get her to walk most places. I got the other one because I thought I would be able to use it as a single most the time, but it never worked out that way. Addi hates the stroller but can not be trusted out of it (shes a maniac lol). So being pregnant I was having a hard time lugging it in and out. So I got a used Maclaren double umbrella stroller and Addi liked it so much better because Aubrey was right next to her keeping her entertained! Much easier on me, so much less fussing from Addi. So I went to buy the newer version of the Maclaren but liked the ease of the Baby Jogger City Mini better! It's a little more substantial, but doesn't weigh too much more. Anyways so yep that about sums all that stroller craziness up lol! :) So far I am loving having three (granted again it's only been a very short period of time), so I think you should go for 4 definitely! ;P