Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feeling Like a First Time Mother.

This one might be a little TMI with all the breastfeeding talk, be forewarned. 

Each child has somehow made me feel like a first time Mother. With Aubrey I obviously was a first time Mother. With Addi it was when I couldn't get her to latch. I had no issues with Aubrey at all, I could nurse her upside down if I wanted and it'd still go smoothly (kidding of course). The nurse kept coming in and trying to help me feed Addi, which was just beyond frustrating since I had done it a million times before. I kept telling her something must be wrong because Addi just couldn't do it. Well of course as you know, we came to find out a lot of stuff was wrong and breast feeding wasn't going to be an option.

Now on to Greyson. With Greyson we have no issues with latching at all. It's more so the frequency of his eating that is stressing me out, well that on top of other stuff.

What other stuff you ask??

Well the girls have been sick, Aubrey is finally better but Addi is a hot mess. I have tried to keep them away from Greyson but I fear he may now be getting sick too. He has a wet cough and his spit seems to be a bit foamy. We have an appointment set up for tomorrow already, if not I would of been in there today. I am trying not to over react but he is not even 2 weeks old yet. He isn't coughing a ton, but when he does it's mucusy. Also he slept through his feeding last night. He fed at 9:30 and then I tried to wake him to feed around 3:30 after I awoke freaked out that he hadn't already woken me to eat. He wasn't having it. He just wanted to sleep.  Finally around 7 he was up and ready to eat, and he had a good feeding. He normally goes 4-5 hours (sometimes more which is why I'm stressed to begin with) between feedings but over 9 hours seems just plain CRAZY!

So yeah, I am a little stressed and scouring the internet just like I did as a first time Mom. Let me just tell you, googling stuff is NOT helping keep me calm. Goodness his appointment tomorrow can not come soon enough.


  1. I hope the doctor tomorrow can give you peace of mind. Carter feeds less frequent than Nolan for sure but 4 hours is our max (usually happens once every few nights) except for one fluke night when he went 6 hours. As long as Greyson is gaining weight I'm sure they'll tell you it's fine. When I first read the post I expected to hear he wanted to nurse every 2 hours. C is starting that!

  2. Aubrey was every 2 hours and that was stretching it for her, that I would be more accustomed to. I remember wishing she'd go four hours, and here I have one who spaces them out and it freaks me out lol! I just can't win.

  3. Alice did that too at first. A couple of nights I tried to wake her up 2 or 3 times to nurse, and she wanted none of it. It's hard to remember already but I think she went 8 hrs a couple of times. Now I wish she'd stop waking up to eat!!! As long as he's gaining well, I'm sure he's fine. Has his jaundice gone away? Hope he doesn't get too sick; it's hard having a newborn in a house with toddlers!