Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 Christmas Celebrations! (WARNING LOTS OF PICS AND VIDEO'S)

So we had five different Christmas celebrations! How fun is it that we get to celebrate one holiday five times!!!

Our first celebration was the week before Christmas (http://moorecraziness.blogspot.com/2011/12/christmas-1.html). We had a blast. For our second we headed to Melbourne to spend Christmas Eve day with Ryan, Ashley, and her family.

We headed down Friday night, Greg ended up getting out of work a little early so it worked out perfectly. We got there in time for dinner and then spent the rest of the night chatting (my favorite thing to do)! Time got away from us and we stayed up way later than I am used to. Addison had a rough time adjusting to sleeping in the room with us. She woke up at 4:30 and ate but then cried for a while after she finished, which is very unlike her. Needless to say Greg and I didn't get much sleep.

Christmas Eve day was a little different than one I had ever experienced. We went to a bar and watched football. It was a little weird bringing babies to a bar on Christmas Eve, but Addison loved watching football. She was zoned in. It was so cute. Aubrey had fun too, she was more into coloring with Grandma than watching the games (I don't blame her). After the games we exchanged gifts, and then ate an amazing dinner that Ashley had prepared. We had a great time, and it was so nice to meet Ashley's family. They are so funny and sweet! It was a wonderful celebration!

 Aubrey running around the deck outside on Christmas Eve day!
 Hanging out with Willow.
 Was around 80 and sunny! I love our warm Christmas! 
 Checking out the fish. 
 Getting a better look at the water. 

 Loving the football game!
 Present time!

 Ready to eat! 
Christmas morning we headed out to my parents as soon as we possibly could get our butts in the car, which with kids isn't all that early. Once everyone showed up, it got loud and crazy. You must understand thought that I love loud and crazy, it's what I am used to. I know most would be overwhelmed by it; everyone talking over each other, tons of different conversations happening at once, five dogs barking their heads off, everyone crammed into the family room with wrapping paper flying in every direction, but it sounds perfect to me! There is never a dull moment. Aubrey loved opening gifts, so much that she opened other people's for them. She was a little gift opening monster. I loved seeing her so excited. The girls didn't nap, they were just having too much fun. We ate a yummy meal, talked some more and then slowly headed out. 
 Finally ready to head to Grandmas!

 Crazy amount of presents.
 After the craziness! 

She fell asleep for all of two minutes.

We then went to Greg's Mom's house for Christmas number four. Which is maybe the polar opposite of mine, very calm, very clean, but still fun. Aubrey loves the play room she has set up for the grand-kids, so she disappears as soon as we get there. We sat down as soon as everyone showed up and ate, the thing I love most about holidays is we get fed yummy food wherever we go! We opened gifts, chatted, and ended up staying until around 9 (maybe even 9:30, I can't remember for sure). Aubrey was still raring to go, but I was pooped. The girls hadn't napped and it was already two hours past Addison's bedtime and an hour past Aubrey's. So we called it a night. 

 Opening her kitchen. Thank goodness Grandma put it together for us! 
It was such a wonderful day, I was sad it was over but really glad at the same time. We went home and put all of Aubrey's gifts together and then got ready for our own little family Christmas.
Our own Christmas was the quickest of them all, Aubrey opened her gifts quickly so she could get back to jumping on the trampoline Grandma got her. She is a jumping fool! Not only does she use it for jumping, she loves getting in it and playing with other toys, snacking, and laying down. Pretty sure she thinks its her new room, or at least a really cool fort. She seriously got the best gifts, and loves every single one of them!

We really are so blessed to have so much family to celebrate with. I absolutely love being crazy busy, so I didn't mind one bit going from place to place, I actually prefer it! Not many people get 5 Christmas's in one year!

She is SO excited, just look at that face! 

Taking a break. 

Using it as a chair, who knew it was so multipurposed. 


  1. Pre-kids, when we lived in the northeast we used to do several Christmases in one day...spent more time in the car than in any one place, and I thought it was exhausting! I can't imagine doing it with the 2 kiddos! Now we have 3ish spread out Christmases (whenever family can come down or we can go north) ...really prolongs the celebration :)

  2. Isn't it so much fun to prolong the celebration?! When I was little I was always so sad when Christmas came and went in one quick day, all that anticipation for one day. All of our family lives up north so we rarely did more than one celebration. So I guess I get to make up for it now, and celebrate over and over again! :D