Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today's therapy appointments were interesting. I was so happy(and proud) about how much progress Addison had made, sitting, reaching and playing while sitting, trying to crawl, etc. They were somewhat happy too with her sitting too, but wanted Addi to be able to go from crawling position to sitting, and sitting to crawling position (which is more likely, but she more just throws herself onto her belly). I think that is a bit much for a 6 month old. The whole thing definitely brought me down a peg.

I am getting a little frustrated with the whole situation, they want her to be doing something specific and then she does it, and it's never good enough. I just don't even know why they still have her coming to see them. I know that she has a "mild case of low tone", but seriously give a girl a break. She is doing great by all the standards I have seen, if not even a little ahead.

So on top of that, they gave me information on her eating issues. Basically because of her cleft, and her low tone eating solids will be challenging for her. After telling her doctor and both therapist about it, I just now get this information. I thought I was crazy. Addi had a tough time even adjusting to a bottle, and breastfeeding was just out of the question. I tried over and over again, and she just couldn't get it. I had breastfed Aubrey with no issues, it seriously made me feel like a first time Mom all over again. It took her two months to get the hang of a bottle, again they said this was due to her low tone and cleft issues. Back to the solids issue (went off on a tangent for a bit). Now we have this little nuk brush type thingy, that we use to "wake up" her mouth. Then we have to massage her cheeks and face to get her jaw ready to chew. I think I got a little ahead of myself, and forgot to specify what Addi's "eating issues" are. Basically no matter what I put in her mouth, pureed food, baby food, smooshed food, cut up food, puffs, etc. She gags, and most times spits it out. I am beyond frustrated. So I guess we will give this face "wake up" thing a try.

This is the crazy little thing I have to use to wake up her mouth...

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