Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas #1!

I know you all have been dying to know how our first Christmas celebration went! Well don't worry the wait is over...

Friday was a bit of a rough day. The girls were in rare form. They both decided to whine and cry all day (I think being sick played a big part in that), Addi had a HUGE blow out diaper (all up her leg and she kept grabbing it) and my phone died for two hours (thought for sure I was going to have to buy a new one), the girls only napped for an hour and a half compared to their usual three hour naps. When Greg finally got home, I was more than ready for the weekend to begin. Ryan arrived shortly after we rushed off to meet up with everyone for dinner!

 Waiting for Dada to get home...
...don't let these smiles fool you, they really were crying most the day. 

Saturday, Aubrey still had a fever, but you never would of know it. We met up for a breakfast feast. Aubrey seriously ate her weight in fruit and yogurt. It was delicious! We headed back to the house afterwards and I prepared the yummy cookie dough cupcakes! Not too long after that Mary and Rusty arrived, followed by Corine, Ethan, and Emma. Then the craziness began! 

They brought tons of gifts! 
 Addison opening her first gift ever!! She was so into it, I was shocked! 
Aubrey got a Cabbage Patch Kid that says her "ABC's"! She loves this doll, she takes it everywhere with her! She puts diapers on her, and pretends to put diaper cream, and feeds her snacks to her, it is the most adorable thing ever! At this very moment she just put a diaper on her and is now pushing her around in her fancy stroller! We will have to name her soon! 
 Look how excited she was when so got her! 
 Addi was working really hard! 
 She got a piece! 
 The fancy doll stroller I referred to above!
 Standing in the midst of craziness! 
 Opening presents like a pro!

 Yay she got it!

Relaxing while the kids went nuts!

Shortly after we headed to an early dinner at Stonewood, which is one of my favorite places to eat. It was a lot of fun chatting and eating. Aubrey loved it too, mostly because Grandpa helped her bounce in the booth!

Then we went back to the house to chat for a bit before Mary and Rusty had to head back to their hotel for an early night, they had to head out at 5:30 the following morning.

It was such great fun seeing Mary and Rusty. I was sad to see them go. I am hoping we can get up to Maryland soon to visit. Maybe once it warms up a bit!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend, even with the babies being a bit under the weather! I just loved seeing them opening their gifts, it really makes Christmas time so special when you get to see it through your children's eyes!

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