Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year!

As I was getting ready for tonight's festivities, yes I know it is the middle of the afternoon, but Aubrey is napping so I can actually get stuff done. So as I was straightening my hair I started thinking about this last year and how much we had been through and how much has changed. We were so blessed to have Addi come into our lives, and that she is such a strong fighter and got through so much. So blessed to have Aubrey, such and amazing little girl. She has grown up right before my eyes. She is such a character, just so funny. Aubrey is such a smarty pants, talking up a storm. It's amazing to see her learning and growing!

 I also thought of my resolutions. Greg and I had started the P90x but had to put it on hold until we got weights, so now that we have those I want to start again. I also am thinking that I might do the Body by Vi shakes replacing lunch or dinner. Dinner on the days I lunch with the girls (can't give up my Chipotle!). I would just love to be healthy and fit.

I look forward to what 2012 brings, can't wait to see Addi crawl, walk, talk and more and for Aubrey and Addi to play, interact, and learn!

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve and an even better 2012!

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