Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Born Every Minute.

Watching One Born Every Minute tonight was a little crazy, I cried so much. It just brought back so many memories of Addison being whisked away to Wolfson's NICU. Just seeing that huge incubator they transport the baby in, just made me remember the first time I saw her in it. She was so little and so lifeless. I just wanted to take her out and hug her and not let them take her, which I know is ridiculous since she needed to go. They had me signing all this paperwork that I couldn't even read through all my tears.

This episode made me realize how tough it would of been to know she had heart issues before she was born. The morning after Addison was born, we woke up so happy and I took tons of pictures of Addison. I posted one on FB saying "good morning" and said that everything was going great. Then I texted a friend and told her I couldn't wait for her to come visit and meet Addison. Not even 15 minutes later the pediatrician stopped by, saying the dusky spells Addison was having were not a good sign, that she thought there might be some heart issues. I instantly started crying. My parents called to check in, and see how the night went. I couldn't even talk I was just sobbing, I tried to pass the phone to Greg and then looked up and realized he was sobbing too. Neither of us could talk, and I am sure my Mom was having a heart attack on the other side of the phone having no clue what was going on. I quickly texted my friend and said it wasn't a great time to come visit, I really didn't want her to see me crying and with no baby. She didn't get the text in time. So when she showed up Greg and I were just sitting there crying. I felt so awful. I was so lucky that my OB let me be discharged early and we both got to follow behind her. I couldn't imagine being stuck in a separate hospital not being able to be with her (like the Mom in the episode). Things changed so quickly that day from wonderful to horrible. But I still think it might of been worse to know beforehand, I would of stressed excessively and never slept.
Before we found out...
 I am just so grateful for all of the people that helped Addison through that horrible week, and continue to help her through everything. She is such an amazing little fighter. Thank God for my miracle baby!

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