Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Playing together!

Now that Addi is sitting more her and Aubrey have a lot more interaction. It is the cutest thing EVER.

I swear Addi has changed so much this month it's hard to wrap my brain around it all. She is sitting by herself, trying to crawl, standing holding on to things, and now playing with Aubrey. I am loving being a Mom of two. It was really tough, well I should say IS really tough, but now is when the fun times begin and it makes it all worth it. That sounds bad... it's not that it wasn't worth it before now, but it's just more instant gratification, less crying, more personality, more laughs, more smiles (if that is even possible). I just feel like I have gone over a huge hurdle and am now on the other side happy as a clam. 

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