Monday, December 12, 2011

Aubrey's Almost 2!! Minnie Mouse Party Time!

Aubrey is going to be two in February! I have been slowly collecting things for her birthday party. I sometimes go a bit overboard because I have so many ideas. I am trying to keep a handle on it this year so Greg doesn't have a heart attack. I have been making the list of who to invite, and the list is much longer than I anticipated. We are around 80 people between family and friends. I just don't want to leave anyone out.

The theme is Minnie Mouse, since Aubrey is absolutely obsessed! I have been pining stuff on pinterest like crazy, here is some of it:

Thinking of trying to make Minnie and Mickey ears for the little ones. This might be a little ambitious since I barley have time to clean my house these days! 

I am not an expert baker and we will be ordering a cake, but I thought these were just so much fun that I might have some cupcakes too! I was thinking of making a friends recipe (the cookie dough cupcakes) and just using food coloring for the icing and mini oreos for the ears!! 

The mini oreos I might use for the other cupakes!

To dress up the tables! 

Already ordered this on etsy!! I am going to put leggine and a long sleeve shirt underneath since it will be cold in Febraury, well I guess I should say "should" be cold. You never know with our crazy Florida weather.

Really want to make these cookies, I think they will go perfectly with the pink and zebra print decorations! 

These seem pretty easy, but I might be a little delusional. I might attempt these (with pink bows instead of red) if I decide not to do the cupcakes! 

See so many things I want to do, with very limited time/experience to do them! Ashley, I know you are reading this, if you want to volunteer your crafty self to tackle one of these I won't object one bit (hehehe)!!!

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