Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Shopping!

Christmas shopping has proven to be more difficult this year. Having two girls that could be in a good mood one second then both screaming the next made it almost impossible. Between that and having a budget I had a rough time.

I started shopping for the girls in August, that way we could spread out some of the cost. We had a very strict budget this year compared to other years, and I am not good at working within a budget. I have to say though, I did pretty darn good! I only went over on one person's gift, my Mother in laws, by about $30.  I just had to get this specific item because it was so much prettier than the others! So it was totally worth it if you ask me. If you ask Greg he would agree too, not because he thought it was prettier but just so he didn't have to listen to me talk about it anymore! All in all I am excited to see if everyone likes what I, I mean "we" got them, and I am excited to only have one more person to buy for!!

Can't wait to be DONE!

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