Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rough Day for my Baby.

My poor baby girl had such a rough day yesterday. We went to visit my parents and she was so excited, since she is obsessed with them . She was playing at my parents office (which is all tile) and somehow slipped and her teeth cut into her bottom lip and it instantly turned purple, and she instantly turned into a hot mess. She cried over everything and anything. Poor baby, and poor Mama! We then went to lunch and she perked up a bit.
She fell asleep on the way home from my parents, and went right to "night-night" when we got home. When she is really tired she just keeps repeating "night-night" louder and louder, until we take her to bed. She is very demanding. Once she woke up it was time to go meet Greg for some quick Christmas shopping and dinner. She was having meltdowns left and right while I was getting her ready. I again figured it was her mouth hurting her. 

We were on our way, and I of course went the wrong way (I blame Mommy brain, much worse than pregnancy brain) and then Greg called so I missed the place where I was supposed to get off to turn around, very frustrating. I finally got going in the right direction, what was meant to be a 7 minute car ride ended up being 20 minutes. We were almost at the mall and Aubrey started making gagging noises. I was freaking out, I asked her if her stomach hurt, she said no. I then asked her if her tummy had an owie, she said no. 

Greg met us and I told him what happened, we felt her head and she felt normal. We ran into the one store we needed to and bought the items we needed real quick and then left to let them personalize them. Aubrey started acting weird again. She wanted to walk then she wanted picked up to rest her head on my shoulder. Then she would start whining and trying to get down a second later. We got dinner, and she didn't want to eat anything. We even got her a small milk shake, in hopes that it would make her mouth feel better. She wouldn't have it. I kept telling Greg I thought she was sick, but he was skeptical just thinking it was a mixture of her mouth hurting and her being tired (umm hello, she had just woken up from a 3 hour nap). 

We kept trying to cheer her up, still thinking her mouth must really hurt. We took her to watch the Choo-Choo, took her up and down the escalator, and let her ride the mall rides, all of her favorite mall activities. She just wanted to lay down on a random mall chair. We finally got the call that our items were ready. So we rushed to go get them. Aubrey was again acting weird, so I stayed right outside the store with her. She started to gag again, this time I could see her mouth fill up. I instinctively put my hand out to catch it. God forbid I let the mall floor get dirty. So yeah there I am with a hand full of throw up, screaming for Greg to come help me because there was more about to come out. He brought over tons of wipes and she continued to throw up in them. My poor baby went so pale. I wiped our hands and sanitized like crazy (like half the bottle) and then we ran out of the mall. 

We got home and quickly ran and got the Tylenol and thermometer. She had a fever of 101.9. I freaked. It makes me so sad to see her sick. I would much rather it be me. She is such a trooper. Considering how badly she must of been feeling, she was awesome. I called my Mom and told her what happened, since I had called her earlier thinking it was a allergy to the clam Aubrey had tried at lunch. She told me that I would be the same way when I was little. They wouldn't know I had a high fever until they took my temp, I just never felt overly warm. Aubrey didn't feel super warm either, so I had assumed it was her mouth at first, and then when she threw up, allergies. Why didn't she feel hot? 

Aubrey slept great, no more throw up. She still has a temp this morning, so we are just sticking around the house. I just hope she feels better soon. My poor baby girl. 


  1. Poor girl!! I have to say I started laughing picturing you catching her vomit. I've been there done that too!!

  2. It's sad/funny the things we do instinctively as Mother's. I never in a million years thought I had it in me!