Friday, December 23, 2011

I LOVE Being a Mom but...

Sometimes it's exhausting.

Sometimes I miss my freedom.

Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting a break and for missing my freedom.

I went to lunch and shopping with an old friend yesterday. Seeing her made me think of my life before babies, and I really missed it. I missed going where I want, when I want, and it not taking 15 minutes to get in or out of the car. I missed sitting and chatting at lunch without having to keep a baby and toddler happy. I miss going out drinking and dancing and just being crazy.

I love how my life is now, I love my babies more than anything. I think I am just a little burnt out.


  1. Me and you both. It is absolutely ok to need a break! We are busy mamas now and hardly get a second to think! You are definitely not alone ;)

  2. I'm with you! It's tough to never have any time off. It's the best job in the world, but man is it exhausting.