Monday, December 12, 2011


Aubrey has been a bit more whiny, physical, and stubborn lately. It becomes a battle. Time out works well at home, but out and about I am so lost.

Today Aubrey had a play date with Logan whom she adores. She was up on a chair and Logan was trying to get her down or to get her train, not really sure which. She was freaking out, and started pushing him and swinging at him. Logan started cry, which for Logan is very rare. I mean this kid will fall flat on his face and get up like it is nothing. I made her apologize and give him a kiss and hug, but it was already the second time she had hit him that day and I had told her no and tried to explain to her that is was not nice. I really don't know how else to approach it. I would normally put her in time out at home for hitting, but in public I am not sure what to do. I know the "terrible two's" are to be expected, but I want to handle it correctly.

I guess off to google I go! Also any suggestions are greatly appreciated! 


  1. That's a tough one...I'm sure you and Greg will figure out the best way to handle it :)

  2. If you figure it out, let me know!! Time outs don't do anything for Logan in public :( I need to figure out an effective punishment and fast! And I'm pretty sure Logan was harassing her on that chair ;)